2018 Tech Adoption Summit - 11.7.18

A Conversation About the Future Small Business Market

Report: The Full-Stack, Tech-First Future

What Growing SMB Tech Adoption Means for MarTech Providers

Podcast: Above the Cloud

In-depth discussions with SMB SaaS entrepreneurs.

SaaS-based cloud services have introduced a plethora of new capabilities to small businesses related to HR, payments, accounting, payroll, marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and much more. As these technologies become more affordable, small businesses are taking advantage.

LSA’s new Tech Adoption Index (TAI) is designed to measure the small business market’s shift to cloud-based services through a quantitative tracking study. The research will be conducted twice a year with a sample of 1,000 small businesses in each wave.

The data will help small business providers make strategic businesses decisions as it relates to product development, competitive differentiation and growth strategies.

Survey Findings

Get access to the key data points from all waves of the Tech Adoption Index survey.

Custom Reports

Sort the survey data yourself or get customized reports and decks.


Get a better sense of where and when small businesses are shifting as it relates to tech and software usage.

Database of Providers

Explore the most prominent players in the small business software and cloud-based tech space.

Private Briefings

Utilize our data and expertise to develop customized presentations (in-person, webinars, etc.).

Latest News

Softbank, Hard Cash and Warm Hearts 

Looks like Goliath investor Softbank may place yet another huge bet on the WeWork. Softbank already put nearly $4.5B into the real estate play that has been rumored to be preparing for a public offering. According to filings, WeWork losses continue to mount as they...

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New Podcast: “SMBs Have No Time”

There are few people with a broader or deeper perspective on the small business SaaS world than Mark MacLeod, the latest guest on the "Above the Cloud" podcast series. Mark was the founder CFO at Shopify, which helped democratize e-commerce by enabling SMBs to become...

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Powered by the Local Search Association, The Tech Adoption Index (TAI) is designed to measure the SMB market’s shift to cloud-based services through a quantitative tracking study. The study is a bi-annual survey with a sample of 1,000 SMBs in each wave.

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