Tuesday, November 6

Yelp Headquarters, San Francisco


4:30 PM
Let’s Do the Numbers: Why Small Businesses Are Moving to the Cloud

Data from the latest wave of the Tech Adoption Index small business survey will be fresh out of the oven at the Tech Adoption Summit, answering an array of burning questions. Are small businesses looking to cloud tools to save them time? Money? Allow them to manage their business from the sideline of their kids’ soccer games? Which companies and brands do they trust to bring them into the cloud? And are they really looking for a single source to address every aspect of their business’s operations? In addition to fresh TAI data, we will also share new groundbreaking SMB research from our partners Bredin and Mono Solutions. Charles Laughlin, Neal Polachek & Stu Richards


5:10 PM
In Their Own Words: SMBs Talk Tech Adoption

It’s a lot of fun to sit around designing amazing products to solve everyday problems for SMBs. It’s another thing to get them to use the the software. We’ve gathered a diverse group of small business operators to ask them what they want from technology, and whether they are actually getting it. A great reality check right before the bar opens.


5:30 PM
Cocktail reception


Wednesday, November 7

The Laundry San Francisco


8:00 AM
Coffee and Registration


8:30 AM
What’s New in the Small Business Cloud?

It’s been a year since we’ve met. What has happened to advance the SMB cloud during the year and what do we see on the horizon? This talk will also set the agenda and frame objectives for the day.
Charles Laughlin & Neal Polachek


8:50 AM
Headline Talk: Building a Leading Challenger Brand — The Gusto Story

Launched in 2012, Gusto is creating a world where work empowers a better life with its cloud-based People Platform. Head of Marketing Tolithia Kornweibel will explain how Gusto has built a leading “challenger” brand by addressing small business’ pain points and using customer experience as a differentiator. Tolithia will also share a case study about why building a brand matters for B2B companies.
Tolithia Kornweibel, Director of Marketing, Gusto


9:20 AM
Headline Talk: Wasim Khan, Head of Xerox Digital Solutions & General Manager Xerox Docushare Software


9:40 AM
Headline Talk: Adam Blake, CMO & GM of SaaS, ThriveHive


10:10 AM
Above the Cloud Interview: Ted Paff, Founder, Customer Lobby

Ted founded Customer Lobby in 2007 and built it into a high performing SMB marketing solutions entity focused on marrying customer reviews with automated email and direct mail into a compelling value proposition. Following a successful exit, Ted now coaches entrepreneurs, offering advice based on his decades in the finance and start-up worlds. Ted will share his insights and observations on building products, teams, and value in the SMB space.


10:30 AM
Networking Break


11:00 AM
Above the Cloud Interview: Kushagra Shrivastava, Managing Director, Yahoo Small Business


11:20 AM
Mastering the Fine Art of Inside Sales

Inside sales is a tough way to sell SaaS to SMBs, but for many it’s the only way. What does it take to do it right? What common mistakes will sink an inside sales initiative? Hear from a local sales veteran who’s experience runs from the early, unstructured days of Citysearch to today’s more precise and metrics driven world of demand-gen, CAC and retention. This 1:1 interview will discuss what really matters (and works) now in selling to SMBs.
Bob Yakominich, VP Sales, Broadly


12:00 PM
Lunch and Networking


1:30 PM
Channels, Channels, Channels

To say reaching small businesses is “challenging” is an understatement. For many years, local media companies were coveted channel partners. They had large sales forces that could could wend their way into the nooks and crannies of the local market. The world has changed radically since then. Today, channel partners come in all shapes and sizes. Tapping into this diverse mix of his channels is vital to scaling an SMB SaaS business. 
Trina Ward, Trina Ward Consulting


2:00 PM
Headline Talk: For an SMB, What is the “C” in CRM?

We all know that large enterprises don’t last very long or operate very well without killer CRM systems on the backend. But what about small, local businesses? Offering SMBs these same systems is the epitome of that old saying: square peg, round hole. These small businesses aren’t scaled-down versions of the Fortune 500 and one size doesn’t fit all. So what does CRM look like for an SMB? Broadly’s Josh Melick will share what he believes CRM should stand for in the local space.
Josh Melick, co-founder and CEO, Broadly


2:30 PM
Following the Money — Who’s Investing in SMB SaaS, and Why?

SurePath Capital Partners is the source of truth on the on the investment environment for SMB software. Josh Sherman will share his firm’s latest research on who’s investing and why.
Josh Scherman, Vice President, SurePath Capital Partners


3:00 PM
Networking Break


3:30 PM
Why Do They Leave? Tricks for Keeping Customers on Your Platform

Vendasta CSO Jacqueline Cook uses a study using her company’s internal data to create a playbook for selling the full stack and to develop a set of best practices for how to retain customers on your platform for two years and beyond.


4:05 PM
Above the Cloud Interview: Mark Canon, Chairman, Boomtime


4:30 PM
So Kids, What Did We Learn Today?

The TAI analyst team will summarize the day’s events into a set of key takeaways, will engage the audience for their takeaways and invite a special guest or two to share their views on what they learned and how they will apply these learnings at work tomorrow.
Charles Laughlin, Neal Polachek & Greg Sterling


5:00 PM
Networking Reception at The Laundry


6:30 PM
Dinners and after parties to be announced