Anyone who builds or sells SaaS products for small businesses knows that it’s all for naught if your customers are not engaged with your products on a daily basis. Businesses that do not rely on your products will eventually stop using them.

And the engagement cycle — the time you have to establish regular usage of your product — keeps getting shorter, as customer acquisition costs keep rising.

The LSA has built an entire event around this issue, Localogy Engage, which kicks off June 3 in Washington DC.

In order to ground the conversation on SMB software in a shared understanding of the issues, we’re conducting a survey of SMB SaaS professionals on how they deal with the engagement challenge.

Here are some of the issue the survey dives into:

  • How much time do you have to establish usage before a customer becomes a churn risk?
  • What tactics are deployed to drive engagement and reduce churn?
  • Which of these tactics are most effective?
  • What are the principal causes of churn?
  • What monthly churn rates are typical for SMB SaaS products

The survey will be open for a while longer. Please add your voice by completing the survey below. It only takes a few minutes and responses are anonymous. Results will be shared in a white paper and presented at the Localogy conference.

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