Google has pushed its way into the HR software space with Google Hire, a tool that helps SMBs recruit talent. The idea behind Hire is to give companies a platform for tracking progress in hiring a candidate — including email communications, interview notes, etc. With Hire, companies no longer have to manually track these details.

Hire is integrated into G Suite, Google’s collection of cloud-based productivity tools. Hire’s target market is companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Google tested Hire for a year before launching it publicly today. Hire comes on the heels of Google for Jobs, a service that aggregates job listings, which was rolled out in June. Now the search giant has tools for both sides of the jobs equation — job seekers and those hiring.

Google’s latest move into the HR market further signals its intentions to play in growing market for cloud-based tools for SMBs. In fact Google is a charter sponsor of the LSA’s Tech Adoption Index, an initiative that is measuring the SMB shift to the cloud using survey and empirical data, forecasts and profiles of SMB-focused SaaS companies.

Facebook also made a significant move into the hiring space with the Jobs Bookmark tool it launched in February. This tool allows businesses to post job openings directly on their business pages.