A new Verizon Telematics study makes it clear that home services companies are way behind their customers in adopting new technology. Provider that do embrace new (and largely mobile) technology will be rewarded with more loyalty and repeat business. The Verizon Telematics study involved both home service providers (506) and consumers (1,026).

The consumers surveyed indicated a strongly prefer tech-forward service providers. According to the data, 79% of consumers expect their local service provider to be tech-savvy. Moreover, two out of three consumers said they will not rehire a service provider that isn’t using the latest technology.

The graphic below highlights some of the pressing issues that services providers are managing as the consumer expectations rise. Among the highlights:

  • 92% of HVAC providers increased their productivity using mobile technology
  • 40% of landscaping providers are concerned they might lose business if they can’t connect with their customers using text message.

The survey is consistent with our view that small businesses will adopt new technologies in large part because they are led there by consumers, who define a good customer experience increasingly as one drive by new technology. This means communicating via text or messaging apps rather than on the phone or via email. It means accepting a variety of cashless payment options, allowing for online appointment booking and so on.