Down under three leading enterprise companies have joined forces to help SMEs (the acronym used outside of the U.S. for small and medium sized enterprises) streamline and upgrade their business operations. Wiise is a new play by KPMG, Microsoft and the Commonwealth Bank.

What’s the impetus for this move? Perhaps it is Xero’s strong success in Australia. Perhaps it is the success new payment solutions are having are making a company like Commonwealth Bank nervous about its future.

Or perhaps it is that the three companies simply see a big opportunity in addressing the emerging need to link point SaaS software solutions into an integrated, easy to use suite. According the new entity’s website (which appears to be a work in progress), the solution was created by KPMG, built on Microsoft and supported by the Commonwealth Bank. The site also says the solution will be available on July 30. Wiise did produce a nice video that hits on the key features, including integration and scalability.

The Wiise solution is an integrated platform that sets itself apart from competitors like Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks by offering a wider array of enterprise-level features, including inventory management, supply chain management, sales and marketing and finance. The user interface resembles Microsoft 365.

Said KPMG managing partner James Hunter “The idea for Wiise was sparked by our acquisition of Microsoft systems implementer, Hands-On Systems. It opened our eyes to a gap in the market between existing cloud accounting software providers to SMEs and enterprise-scale ERP solutions.”

Australia, like many developed countries, has millions of SMEs who are in various stages of transition to digital. TAI believes these companies will demonstrate a nearly insatiable appetite for easy to use, integrated solutions that help them save time and deliver a better customer experience.

According to the Australian Parliament, there are 2.1 million small businesses in Australia, of which 1.27 million are non-employing businesses, and 771,000 employ between 1-19 people. Small business account for 97.4% of all Australian enterprises.