The New Market for SMB Services panel featured a great mix of perspectives from leaders in the solution market with a cohesive message. Consumers are driving the change and demanding personalization. SMBs need to navigate and offer the same level of engagement with consumers as the Amazons of the world. It’s up to technology and solution providers to bridge some gaps to make that easier for them.

Panelists moderated by Neal Polachek:
Louise Lachmann, CEO & Co-Founder of Mono Solutions
Sandy Lohr, CEO of Matchcraft
Josh Melick, CEO & Founder of Broadly
Allyson Van Houten, Senior Marketing Manager at MailChimp

Consumers Are Driving The Shift

Neal asked if it’s the mobile experience that is shifting business to the cloud and the consensus was, well yes, but ultimately it’s the consumer that is driving the shift. Sandy Lohr made the blanket statement that there is “no debate” about the importance and significance of mobile. She mentioned her recent trip to Brazil and how the majority of small businesses have went straight to mobile. No longer mobile-first, there it might be mobile only.


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