When we launched the Tech Adoption Index last year, one of the questions we were trying to answer was what defines an early adopter of cloud services to run their small business. When we talk about the “small business shift to the cloud” we are really talking about SMBs that use the latest tools to run their businesses, with the smart phone as the primary device for tracking all the key elements of running the day to day.

The latest wave of Tech Adoption Index survey research reveals a lot about who is and isn’t using the cloud (and their mobile devices) to run their businesses. We just published a document called “Defining a Cloud-Enabled Small Business” that shares what the data say about who is at the leading edge of the shift to the cloud.

Cloud-enabled small businesses (Cloud SMBs) are generally newer, with younger decision-makers, bigger than a solo shop, and have paved the way to the cloud with investment in digital advertising. Understanding which characteristics correlate to a move to the cloud for business operations will help SMB sellers better understand which segments to target and which buttons to push with their marketing content.

“Defining a Cloud-Enabled Small Business” is one of a series of upcoming reports that will drill deeper into the data to understand which segments are moving fastest to the cloud, why they are moving there and for which business functions. These reports are designed to be easily digested, with a brief take from our analysts on why the data matters to you.

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