What happens when the 50-plus crowd leaves the corporate world and either starts or acquires small businesses?

Will their adoption of could technology to run these businesses be more like older owners of existing small businesses, who tend to be reluctant to move their business operations to the cloud? Or will their behavior be more similar to the younger business owners who have embraced using apps to essentially running their businesses through their smart phones?

This is one of several topics addressed in this week’s “Above the Cloud” podcast, featuring a conversation between myself and my Tech Adoption index colleague Neal Polachek. The conversation about boomer entrepreneurs was triggered by an article in Forbes citing a recent survey of late career new small business owners.

The Tech Adoption Index‘s survey research has consistently found that younger business decision makers are far more likely to want to use apps to run their businesses that older decision-makers. The same holds for businesses that have been formed recently vs businesses that are well established.

Here is an except from the conversation where Neal uses a personal anecdote to make the point that he believes older corporate exiles will behave as businesses owners in a manner similar to millennial and younger entrepreneurs.

This week’s podcast also covered other ground with Neal and I riffing on some recent news, including Grub Hub’s $390 million cash acquisition of Level Up.

We also covered eBay’s deal with Square Capital to begin offer eBay’s small business customers loans of up to $100,000. The deal was yet another example of how the tech world is disrupting the small businesses finance space.

You can listen to the entire podcast here:

This episode of Above the Cloud was sponsored by Mono Solutions and Boostability.