In another signal that the role of customer experience continues to gain importance, Nordstrom has bought two technology companies to help further its CX success. Few brands are more closely associated with quality customer experience than Nordstrom.

Nordstrom acquired BevyUp and MessageYes, two companies squarely focused on enabling the retail company to enable more personalized communication with customers. BevyUp – which will become part of the forthcoming mobile employee app – allows Nordstrom sales associates to provide customized and personal style advice to their customers.

Coupled with the purchase of MessageYes, Nordstrom will be able to send personalized text messages and notifications to customers which will lead to direct purchases.

What does this have to do with small business tech adoption? We see this an another example of a major national brand recognizing the importance of the role of text and personal communication their customer engagement. It means that local SMBs will need to deploy technologies to meet the ever demanding expectations of the modern consumer, or risking losing further ground to brands. This is true not just for retailers but any business that communicates with its customers.