Many companies selling tech to small businesses target larger and more established merchants. Not GoDaddy. The hosting and domain provider sees “nascent” businesses as its big opportunity.

These “nascents” are the businesses that may only exist as a freelancing side hustle for a graphic designer with a day job, for example, or perhaps is just a business idea bouncing around in someone’s head. But each of these businesses (real or aspirational) needs a domain, email address, website, and more.

The “more” piece has been the most difficult part of the equation, as Irana Wasti, GoDaddy’s SVP for Productivity, explained in an on stage interview during last month’s SMB Cloud Adoption Summit in San Francisco. We’ve shared the full interview on our latest On Target podcast.

Wasti, discussing how GoDaddy is trying to offer more to SMBs than the basics of domain, website and email, said that a big part the long-term answer will be a guided selling platform that “takes the guesswork out of the decision process for small businesses.”

Some other interesting nuggets from the interview:

  • Wasti said 60% of the small businesses they target (the most expansive definition of SMBs) are run by women. GoDaddy doesn’t address this with different marketing tactics for women. “We address it with our workforce. We make our workforce as diverse as our customers are.”
  • GoDaddy is addressing SMBs with tools designed to grow their businesses (presence and marketing tools) and run their businesses (back office tools). Their differentiation will be in how well they integrate these various tools.
  • Customer support is arguably GoDaddy’s strongest asset and the main reason for its impressive NPS scores. GoDaddy has no sales people. It’s support team drives revenue by asking consultative questions of inbound callers.
  • Wasti doesn’t believe small business websites are becoming obsolete. But she did acknowledge their role is evolving. “It’s no longer just a website,” she said. “It’s a website and…” meaning other elements of the presence ecosystem — social media, Google My Business and so on — are at least as important.

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