Podcast: Above the Cloud

Above the Cloud is a podcast devoted to those who build cloud based software for small businesses. We talk to SMB SaaS entrepreneurs who have learned the hard lessons and are willing to share their insights, advice and tricks of the trade. We do this in a way that strives to be fast-paced, entertaining and done in less than 30 minutes.

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

Episode 10: Stop Talking About Your Product

Episode 9: SMBs have no time

Episode 8: A product first go to market strategy

Episode 7: A Completely Different Experience

Episode 6: Humans Aren’t Resources

Episode 5: Age Is a Moving Target

Episode 4: There Must Be an App for That

Episode 3: Art of the Demo

Episode 2: Sell Them What They Need

Episode 1: Short Stacks and Shadow SaaS

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Powered by the Local Search Association, The Tech Adoption Index (TAI) is designed to measure the SMB market’s shift to cloud-based services through a quantitative tracking study. The study is a bi-annual survey with a sample of 1,000 SMBs in each wave.

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