New digital technology and software are transforming all areas of business for SMBs. From fundamental things like digitizing business records, to more complex integrations like marketing automation, SMBs are embracing technology in meaningful ways.

A new study shows that 48% of SMBs have upgraded to new software for business computer systems in the past two years. The specifics around what kind of “software” or “computer systems” aren’t clear in the study, however it does suggest broad embrace of new, digital tech among SMBs.

Another quarter (24%) have invested in an app and/or mobile website in the past two years and 20% have expanded e-commerce capabilities. The data is directionally aligned with what we are seeing in the market and as software technologies become more affordable and available, we expect continued tech adoption within the SMB market.

The data come from a Wells Fargo and Gallup survey of 600 small business owners. To access the graphic above, click here.

The future of the SMB market and adoption cloud-based technologies will be the topic of discussion at the upcoming SMB Cloud Summit in San Francisco (12.7.17). To learn more, click here.