We saw the news this week that the sales enablement platform SalesLoft has raised $70 million, giving it a $600 million valuation. The D round was led by Insight Venture Partners, will go toward fueling the Atlanta-based company’s growth, specifically to fund geographic expansion (the company opened a new London office recently) and invest in technology like it’s AI-driven sales coaching network.

Sales Enablement is a hot category, particularly in B2B software sales, which faces a constant battle against high churn, rising customer acquisition costs, and uneven sales performance. The idea behind sales enablement platforms is to provide sales organizations with the tools and resources they need to produce consistent sales results.

SEPs began as content management systems that sales reps could use to access information to help develop sales messaging, nurture leads, and so on. They’ve evolved into very sophisticated platforms that mine reams of data to engineer all the elements of sales. SalesLoft, for example, provides email marketing, and call dialers, sales coaching, and training (increasingly AI-driven), intelligence and analytics, and so on.

How to sell software effectively to SMBs will be a foundational topic at the LSA’s upcoming Localogy Engage conference, June 3-4, in Washington D.C.